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Paul asks…

What is the difference between unblocking and jailbreaking a cell phone?

What is the difference between unblocking and jailbreaking a cell phone. (I have an iphone 4s). Is there an advantage? and if for some reason I find that I don’t need it, can I reset it to its original factory setting?

Ronson answers:

Unlocking (rather than unblocking) is a term used when you remove the carrier lock from a phone. What that means is a AT&T iPhone will only work on AT&T service however if you unlock it, it will now work with other gsm carriers like tmobile or foreign carriers.

Jailbreak is the process of hacking into the phone to allow you to clstomize it to your liking with out the restrictions that the phone was produced with. It basicaly give you access to cydia which is like a third party app store. Some common reason people jailbreak would be to customize their phones icons and to instal mods and tweaks to add cool features to the phone that apple didn’t want on it or to even get some official apple apps that usually cost money but instead for free. And lastly if available one of the mods would be to unlock the phone. That’s where people get confused.

An unlock may be available through the jailbreak (Cydia) but the jailbreak itself is NOT an unlock.

Typically if you jailbreak and decide you don’t want it you should be able to restore it through iTunes but occasionally you may run into problems “activating” it from the activation process that you need to complete after you restore an iPhone. That process was introduced when iOS 5 was released. There’s a lot of factors that pertain to whether or not a simple restore would fully clear the jailbreak and let you activate it normally after the restore. If you’re having someone do it for you then it’s best to ask them that question. I kinda stopped keeping up on jailbreaking news and stuff about a 8 months ago and things may be different now but what I explained above regarding the definition of unlocking and jailbreaking is still true.

And lastly (sorry I know I’m rambling) you ask if there’s an advantage, of course there is. If you plan of switching carriers but wanna keep using your iPhone then an unlock would be required.

As for the advantages of the jailbreak, that’s endless. Anything from small tweaks like having a five icon dock rather than four to being able to remap your hard keys to do different actions such as using you volume button to snap a photo (i know its available on stock iphones now but thats been possible through the jailbreak long before apple made it a feature) to even having the ability to download 5 dollar apps for free (keep in mind that’s still considered piracy). I personally love having a jailbreak but there are downsides, for example it does make your device a bit unstable if you don’t know what you’re doing and go download happy and download tweaks and stuff that may not be compatible with your firmware version and also you can’t update the firmware without losing your jailbreak and having to rejailbreak it.

Sandra asks…

How can I get a cell phone that I want without my dad getting the bill?

I want a cell phone with a two year contract, but I’m not 18 so my dad’s going to get my bill. I have a job and I told him that I would pay it unconditionally, but he just doesn’t trust me. Plus things are kind of rocky between us so he’s thinking of sending me with my mom, so he doesn’t want to end up paying my cell phone bill. What can I do? I want a cell phone with a camera and an MP3 player so I don’t know if a pre-paid will work… Help!

Ronson answers:

Well since your under 18 and do care about dads credit lololol
you are forced to use pre-paid…………
Cricket wireless is the best for the service you get 1 month free and no activation fee with the purchase of a new phone the only down side is that there service is limited in some areas

Mary asks…

How easy is it to change phones with Sprint?

I have a Sprint cell phone in pretty rough shape and it needs to go. If I buy a Sprint cell phone can I slap my current plan onto that phone? If yes, how? Following that what would be the best place to purchase said phone?

Ronson answers:

It is simple once you know the drill. Firstly, look for Sprint phones without contract. The best place to buy is craigslist in your local area. If you decide to buy online I would recommend amazon and

Secondly, once you get the phone you will need to contact Sprint customer service and update the ESN# on your account in order to activate the device on your current plan. This service is free of charge.

Here is a tip, before you buy any Sprint phone, ask seller for ESN# and verify with your provider that is clear. This way will be assured that the device you obtain is ready for activation.

Hope that helps.

Ken asks…

What is the best and cheapest cell phone service and smartphone to buy?

I am looking for an unlimited text, web, and data plan. Minutes do not have to be unlimited. What smart phone is not too expensive but still awesome. Should I get a prepaid service like virgin mobile or is their service too crummy?

Ronson answers:

Sprint Everything Data – with Any Mobile, Anytime plan may be your best bet. Sprint offers two payment options for monthly plans depending on the minutes you use.

For an inexpensive smartphones, check out Wirefly’s Free Phones page (see link below) for phones like the DROID Incredible, the Intercept, the Aria and the CLIQ. These are all Android smartphones. Wirefly offers free FedEx Shipping. Right now, both Verizon and AT&T are offering Free Activation.

Happy Shopping!

George asks…

What do you think of Sprint Cell phone service?

I am now on verizon and thinking about switching to Sprint because they have all calls free 7pm ..Is Sprint as good as verizon and what do you find wrong with Sprint.

Ronson answers:

Your service with Sprint will depend on where you live. If you want to try their service without getting stuck in a contract, go to and use one of their Sprint contracts to see if you like them. There is no activation or termination fee, and it costs the same as if you signed a contract.

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