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Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Plans For Kids 2012

Michael asks… which type of device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) should I buy? First, you should probably know that I own a tower computer that is 3 years old, but accesses the internet pretty well and I have wifi for my husband’s laptop. I use my computer for word and excel documents, photo shopping, facebook, […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone And Free Service

Richard asks… How can I make free call using Yahoo messenger with the number 18003733411? I heard that this was possible with out subscribing yahoo voice service. But I was not able to make use of this service. Does any one know how to use this free service of making free calls to cell from […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Service Comparison

Nancy asks… Switching cell phone carriers. need helpful feedback.? My mom and I are on a plan with AT&T and we’re looking to swich to something a little bit cheaper. We’ve never had a problem with their service or anything, but it’s just a little bit more than what we’d like to pay.. We are […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Verizon

Linda asks… Can you use a Verizon Prepaid phone for a contract/plan? As in: We bought a Verizon Prepaid cell phone a while ago and we decided not to use it anymore. However, I need a phone to join my grandparent’s plan. Can I use the old prepaid phone? Ronson answers: No, the Pay as […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Service Deals 2011

Mary asks… Anyone else having trouble with UPS lately? I’m starting to get really frustrated with UPS. I ordered me and my fiance’s phones on Wednesday early in the morning. I paid extra for the 2 day shipping considering we were switching cell phone carriers and we needed the phones. The order was shipped on […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone Service Hack

Charles asks… What is an unlocked cell phone? What are these unlocked cell phones I keep finding online? Most of the ones I’ve seen are somehow broken, but still sell for some reason. What do they do? Ok, there’s a part 2, is it possible to unlock a locked phone from a single carrier? Ronson […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Deals No Data Plan

Lisa asks… What do people think of the Sidekick data plan offered by TMobile? It says that it is $30/month for unlimited web, email, IM. You can buy one of the sidekick phones for $50, so it seems like a decent deal if you want to get unrestricted access to the internet when you’re unable […] Full story →

Your Questions About Unlock Cell Phone Service For Free

Thomas asks… How do I unlock my Motorola RAZR V3 GSM phone for free? I just purchased a GSM Razr, and have no idea how to make it compatible with my service, t-mobile. I am basically an idiot when it come to technology, so step by step instructions would be very very appreciated. Thanks so […] Full story →

Your Questions About Cell Phone Service Free Incoming Calls

Robert asks… What is the best Cell Phone service for a small business? Changing from landline to cells for approximately 5 people. Ronson answers: Nextel and verizon both have walkie-talkie service which is really good for keeping in touch with employees. Verizon has free in-network calling. Nextel and Sprint offer the same thing (Mobile to […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone Service For Low Income

William asks… I would prefer doing home based jobs? which are the companies who can give me part time home based jobs? Ronson answers: The biggest problem with a home based job is exactly what it says it is a job, but is more likely to be low paid and with no certainty of continuous […] Full story →