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Your Questions About Cell Phone Service For Free

Ruth asks… Canceling service with at&t after merger with cellularone? Two years ago (september 2006), I signed a two year contract with cellularone. This year however, cellularone has merged with at&t. My contract is up and I no longer wish to have my cell phone service. How do I go about canceling my account with […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Plans No Contract

Mary asks… How do I start a cell phone(wireless) business in Texas? I need a good business opportunity. I want to start online and then proceed to a physical store. I want to offer good cell phone plans with good very strong signal. Ronson answers: I started with about four months ago. I passed […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Deals Right Now

Thomas asks… How canyou find out when a cell phone number was disconnected? I have this cell phone number it is 307-247-5869 and I need to find out when it was disconnected ot who the cell phone belongs to. I have searched endlessly with no results. If someone has an idea can you please point […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Sharon asks… What is one prepaid cell phone plan that it’s service is available throughout the nation? I know there are some prepaid cell phones companies (like Walmarts Net 10) that only work on specefic area codes, but when I travel out of town, there is no service Ronson answers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin […] Full story →

Your Questions About Internet Cell Phone Service Free

Joseph asks… My boyfriend is being stationed in Okinawa and needs to figure out his cell phone options? He currently has the Apple iPhone 3GS through AT&T and we need to figure out his options and look at what he should do as far as taking a cell phone or not. Any suggestions would be […] Full story →

Your Questions About Get Best Deal Cell Phone Service

John asks… What should I name my new business, it’s an electronics repair/modification business? I deal primarily with cell phones and other small electronics such as PSP’s Iphones, Ipads, and Game consoles Ronson answers: Business name’s need to be catchy and easy to remember.It should’nt be to long most sucsessfull business’s have short name’s for […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone Service App

Michael asks… Can a blackberry only use 160 characters for a text at a time? I had a blackberry, but I could only use 160 characters per text. on my other phones I could exceed that. is that the final limit on a blackberry or is there a way to change it? Ronson answers: Some […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Sprint

Lisa asks… What are some good low cost cell phone plans? I’m using pre-paid cards now and mostly I use them to text my fiance overseas I dont use my cell phone to call alot just for texting, anyone know a good cell phone plan, but not over $40. and dont tell me T Mobile […] Full story →

Your Questions About How To Get Cell Phone Service For Free

Mandy asks… Can I buy a new cell phone and use it without changing or renewing my plan? I currently have a cell phone that I like, but would like to upgrade to a different one, i use verizon wireless, and i like the service, but i was just wondering if I could just buy […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phones For Kids Free Service

George asks… What Is an Average Prepaid Cell Phone Bill? Preferably through Telus. Average bill- also if possible please include what you have (How many mins., texts, etc,) Please and Thank you!!! Ronson answers: I don’t know anything about that company sorry. We have kajeet and our unlimited text/60 talk plan is just $14.99. We […] Full story →