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Your Questions About Get Best Deal Cell Phone Service

Lizzie asks… Who has the best cell phone service in Alabama? Soon my contract with Verison will end and i’ve noticed several other companies advertise good deals. Even though i have been with Verison for a number of years, I would like to save a few bucks if i can. Who would you recommend for […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Deals In Usa

George asks… Do you think that the USA should continue to operate military bases across the world? Is having all these military bases across the world justified? Dozens of countries across the world have US troops and bases in them, some not voluntarily. Operating these facilities is also quite expensive, is it worth the cost? […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone Service For The Poor

Donna asks… Can I call from different cell phone using phone cards? Last time I was calling from Canada to Poland using phone cards on my other registered phone number. I enter only PIN I had. Yeap, it was of AT&T one from And It should be admitted that I made this urgent call […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Sprint

Thomas asks… What is the best phone plan for me? I like to text mostly, but sometimes call as well. My family (myself and 2 parents, one brother) are thinking about ending our landline home phone and instead going for a family cell phone plan….What is a good idea? I know we will therefore need […] Full story →

Your Questions About Has Best Deal Cell Phone Service

George asks… How do “Pay-as-you-go” cell phones work? I was doing some research and I have some questions regarding “Pay-as you go” cell phones: 1. How do they work? 2. Do you have to get service to work them? 3. Do you get text/free evenings & weekends type deals with them? 4. What’s a good […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Plans For Smartphones

Chris asks… What am I really paying for in my phone bill? I am currently fifteen years old. I plan to begin working as soon as I am sixteen. This means I will finally be able to get my own phone plan with my iPhone Five, which I am excited for because my dad, right […] Full story →

Your Questions About Government Cell Phone Service For Free

Betty asks… Can a nurse from a foreign country posting his CV in the internet be hired by an employer? McDonald Hotels and Resorts in London wants to hire me as nurse and has instructed me to pay 350 GBP to its agency BRITISH EMBASSY WORLD TRAVELS , INC while it shoulders the 350 GBP […] Full story →

Your Questions About Internet Cell Phone Service Free

Laura asks… If i use a voip service on my cell phone like justvoip, do I get charged my regular cell minutes? My Nokia E71 has voip hardware installed and I thought that any voip calls would be made through my cell phone‘s wireless connection thereby not costing me minutes on my phones talk plan. […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone And Service For Low Income

Jenny asks… My oldest child may not get anything for Christmas this year. What should I do? I’m a widow mother of 3 children, my husband passed away from Stage 4 prostate cancer 9 months ago. Sadly he didn’t have life insurance. Around 2 month ago I got laid off because the company I worked […] Full story →