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Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Plans For Kids 2012

Donald asks… How much does it cost to pay 1 student to go to high school? well how much does it cost each class? How much tax money do parents pay for their kids to go to public school? How much money is lost when a kid doesn’t pass his class? How much does an […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Deals

William asks… Where can I find the best deals on cell phones? What is the best website, store, or other sources to find the best deal on cell phones for At&t or T-Mobile? I want a family plan for my parents and an individual plan for me. I am open to buying a 2-year contract […] Full story →

Your Questions About Unlock Cell Phone Service For Free

Jenny asks… do i need a service provider to use a unlocked phone in australia with a sim card? my cell phone contract is expiring and we will not renew..i have code to unlock my phone but wonder if i need service provider to use with sim card in australia. Ronson answers: The only way […] Full story →

Your Questions About Internet Cell Phone Service Free

Richard asks… Is there a company that only offers a wireless internet plan? Because I just learned about Skype and how you can connect with anyone in the world and talk for free by talking to someone, through the internet, be it on your computer or Wi-Fi or wireless mobile internet, that also has Skype. […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phones For Kids Free Service

George asks… What are some other exercises to do besides jogging? I am 13 and I want to lose some weight. I am eating better, and doing cardio and muscle training but everyone always talks about how jogging is a great exercise and burns turns of calories etc… well I want to go jogging, but […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Sprint

Carol asks… where to get a cell phone plan with bad credit? I got myself into a lil trouble and fell behind. Now I need a cell phone and not a pay as you go one. Anyone have aby ideas. I would pay full price for a phone and obvioulsy pay the monthly bills. Just […] Full story →

Your Questions About Free Cell Phone Service Hack

Chris asks… Questions about the iphone SIM card unlocking and jail breaking. I have a few questions about the first generation iphone. I would like to buy a first generation iphone and be able to use a different service besides AT&T such as t-mobil, verizon or cingular. I dont plan on buying a data plan. […] Full story →

Your Questions About Prepaid Cell Phone Service Providers

Ruth asks… How do Cingular GoPhones or other prepaid phones work? How do you use a prepaid phone? How do you register it or w/e so you can use it? Do you do it online or just buy minutes with it or what? I could use info on any prepaid phone from any service provider, […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Deals On Cell Phone Service Plans

William asks… Can you switch cell phone plans but not your carrier? T-Mobile updated its plans and they are a better deal then the one I have currently. I am currently on T-Mobile myself. I would like to know if it is possible for me to change to the updated plans without being charged. Also, […] Full story →

Your Questions About Best Cell Phone Plans For Smartphones

Ken asks… What cell phone carrier are you with and how much do you pay per month? Trying to find a decent cell phone carrier. 1. What is the name of your cell phone company? 2. How much do you pay per month? 3. What type of plan do you have? 4. Is it a […] Full story →